State of your Wellness

We serve the people behind the processes. ReflexFit strives to care for the caretakers, teachers, police officers, and staff members who hold us all up with the services and products they provide. If you and your company are well, we all benefit. Our workplace wellness program provides solutions to staff who desire better health, less pain, a healthy weight, more energy, less stress, and an improved outlook on life. The State of Your Wellness Program is for employers who value employee well-being and positive work culture and need improved productivity, decreased absenteeism, and reduced turnover.

Our Workplace Wellness Programs can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. 

  • Cultural Assessment 

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Mindfulness-Meditation Classes 

  • Fitness Classes

  • Signage Installation 

  • Recurring in-person fitness classes

  • Recurring lunch and learn

  • Challenges (group and individual)

  • Walking Clubs

  • Social Emotional Fitness Workshops

  • Coaching (group and individual)

  • Personal Assessments 

  • Prime Time Health Online Course with certificate 

  • Online content: fitness, nutrition, mindfulness)

  • Fit, Healthy, Whole Wellness Program 3-12 weeks 

  • Body Scans and Measurements