Making Healthy Habits Fun and Automatic!

 I have always been active and fit but as I approach 50 it seems to be harder and harder to keep the weight off and keep my energy up. In addition, it is a challenge raising two boys, working full time outside of the home, and being a caretaker for granddad. Having my ReflexFit team around is helping to make it all manageable. The support and accountability I have received have been a Godsend. Most importantly I don't feel judged. 

Arnessa AllenFord Motor Corp

 Before enrolling in this course I hadn’t done the work to have a healthy, connected relationship with my “self,” I kept sabotaging my life through procrastination and unhealthy relationships, and I had no idea how to change my behaviors. It wasn't until I completed the assessments in this course, and really learned about the root of my trauma that I was able to start identifying patterns and actively making decisions to change my life. 

Ify Whitfill, Mother of 3 & Marketing Manager

 My daughter ReflexFit Kids summer Camp she had fun while learning but also staying active and healthy. The kids were exposed to fun in their city and communities. They provided a family atmosphere and a flexibility that was greatly appreciated we will definitely be back! 

Kandice Roper-Issa

 I absolutely loved the wellness camp. My daughter leavened so much and had fun. After camp she was open to trying new fruits and veggies! As a nurse I know the importance of nutrition and I appreciate the help in making healthy habits for my daughter. 

Alexis Carter