The After School Wellness Program will arm your child with critical wellness information based on L.E.A.N., An interactive, research-based program that will empower your entire family to make positive Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.) choices. ReflexFit is qualified After School Enrichment (A.C.E.) service provider.

  • Category: ReflexFit Kids
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours
  • Address: 800 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH, USA (Map)


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Presented in a fun and engaging environment, this program includes mental, social, and physical activities that your child will love. The sessions take place Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. This is great for ages 7-12. 

 Your child will learn: 

  • A simple method for choosing healthier foods
  •  The role breakfast plays in learning & development
  •  Easy ways to add more veggies and fruits to your meals 
  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy fats 
  • How to make play & movement part of your family’s routine 
  • The power of protein 
  • Why your body needs water vs. other beverages 
  • Social Emotional Learning 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Homework help
  • Fitness
  • Mindfulness
  • And more! 

The cost is $29 per session

Healthy snacks are included.

Call, email, or leave a message on our site to book and for more information. 513-805-3772