New Arrivals
New Arrivals

This inspirational book is full of examples of real stories from entrepreneurs, influencers, professionals, bestselling authors, ministry, and organizational authorities who have learned to monetize their messages, to reach a global audience for greater impact to equip many people to navigate their way from pain to profit. Our very own ReflexFit Coaches have contributed to the awesome compilation: Roberta McClinon, Alisha Stevenson, L. Danyetta Najoli, Bridget Jones, Chantia Miller, Evanda Steele, Arnessa Allen and Malynda Jordan all share how health, relationship, adverse childhood experiences, and financial trials turned into blessings!

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Everybody experiences pain at some point in life. Pain is an inevitable part of life but what is important is how to leverage it. Have you ever wondered if your unique experience can bring value to others and be monetized? Yes, you can turn your mess into a message and your passion/purpose into profit.

So whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual, your pain has a purpose. You survived a tragedy, overcame a crisis, or recovered from a catastrophe. It's a wasted experience, struggle or challenge if it doesn't benefit others and in addition profit you.

Maybe your life's process has given you a unique strategy to solve a problem or discovered a breakthrough concept that can produce extraordinary results.  You have learned lessons you can share. Don't waste your testimony, belittle your experience, or dismiss its significance to help others as you profit from your lessons learned from your experience.

Be motivated and inspired by reading this book to use the right strategy to turn your own pitfalls to power, poverty to prosperity, and pain to profit.