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Making Healthy Habits Fun and Automatic!

Being Healthy is Fun!

ReflexFit Wellness  Development and Coaching helps you create habits and routines to live your best life and achieve goals in a realistic, practical and healthy way!

Our Pillars 
Empowerment Through Education
Growth Over Perfection
Mindset Transformation
Doing Wellness Together

Our wellness development programs are expertly crafted to provide your organization's staff, teachers, and students with the necessary tools, resources, and support to flourish. At ReflexFit, we firmly believe that wellness is not merely a destination, but rather a journey filled with both highs and lows and plenty of enjoyable moments along the way.

Who We Serve
Businesses, Schools, and Individuals that desire wellness empowerment

Training topics include
Health and Wellness For All Ages
Personal Development
Conflict Resolution
Stress Management

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Making Healthy Habits Automatic at Home, School, and Work

ReflexFit LEAN

Results-driven wellness solution to help students maintain great health, perform better in school, stay active, and improve discipline

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Fit Healthy Whole Wellness Program

Discover your path to whole health! Our FHW Wellness Program provides lasting solutions.

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TCP Teen Coaching Program

Providing teens with the skills and support to succeed.

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Public Speaking

Experience dynamic presentations from expert public speakers that inform, transform, and motivate.

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Making Healthy Habits Automatic at Home, School, and Work!

Alisha Stevenson

Lifestyle Wellness Coach

Alisha served as a police officer for 13 years and overcame stage 3 colorectal cancer. She is now dedicated to helping others prevent and overcome health challenges through nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness coaching. Her passion is helping women and children determine their WHY while focusing on building wellness habits for success in all areas of their lives.

Our Coaches  

Roberta McClinon

Seniors' Health and Wellness Coach

Roberta has over 40 years of experience and advanced education in wellness coaching. Currently, she passionately assists Seniors in aging gracefully through nutrition, fitness, stress management, and detoxification. She will help you get to the root and be a healthier version of yourself.

Our Coaches  

Chantia Miller

Personal Development

Chantia is an Iraq War Veteran and a Police Lieutenant. Her struggles with divorce and PTSD inspired her to champion the "Self-ish Sister" movement, encouraging women to take radical responsibility for their mental and emotional health to deepen and improve their relationship with their 'self' and others.

Evanda Steele

Lifestyle Wellness Coach

Coach Evanda is a Certified Financial Coach catering to growth and awareness on financial literacy. As a Financial Health Coach each individual will be learn the tools of budgeting without the guilt for debt freedom She practices fun in finance while helping you understand your Why! Her passion is to help, empower, and encourage the freedom of life.

Bridget Jones

Personal Development

Bridget has a passion for mentoring individuals, helping them to accomplish their goals and succeed in life. As the owner of The Diana Nicole Brand, she understands that beauty and fashion aren't just about what is seen outside but how it makes you feel inward. Bridget loves to assist women in feeling their Best!

Making Healthy Habits Fun and Automatic!

 I have always been active and fit but as I approach 50 it seems to be harder and harder to keep the weight off and keep my energy up. In addition, it is a challenge raising two boys, working full time outside of the home, and being a caretaker for granddad. Having my ReflexFit team around is helping to make it all manageable. The support and accountability I have received have been a Godsend. Most importantly I don't feel judged. 

Arnessa Allen
Arnessa AllenFord Motor Corp

 Roberta is a thoughtful, experienced and holistic practitioner. She is grounded in looking at the entire person and offers many healthy tips to live a balanced and full life. She is amazing! 

Bliss D.Visualizer of Interiors

 Before enrolling in this course I hadn’t done the work to have a healthy, connected relationship with my “self,” I kept sabotaging my life through procrastination and unhealthy relationships, and I had no idea how to change my behaviors. It wasn't until I completed the assessments in this course, and really learned about the root of my trauma that I was able to start identifying patterns and actively making decisions to change my life. 

Ify Whitfill, Mother of 3 & Marketing Manager
Ify Whitfill, Mother of 3 & Marketing Manager

 Self-ish Sister Academy helped me understand more who I was and why I I always handled everybody else's problems but neglected my own. I learned more about how I think, what I feel, and need. The grace I gave to others, I now give to myself, I don't feel guilty for taking time to care for myself. I say no now, set boundaries, and express my emtions in healthy ways. This course defintely helped me take action to heal. 

Crystal Scott, Mother of 3 & Child Development Specialist
Crystal Scott, Mother of 3 & Child Development Specialist

Making Healthy Habits Fun and Automatic!

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Making Healthy Habits Fun and Automatic!