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Wellness Adventures, Camps, & Training
for Schools, Churches, Families & Daycares

Get Ready for a Wellness Adventure!

We instill a sense of excitement and adventure in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. By making wellness activities enjoyable, we inspire youth to embrace healthy habits that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Our Pillars 
Empowerment Through Education
Growth Over Perfection
Mindset Transformation
Fun and Adventure

By combining fitness, nutrition, and social emotional learning, our wellness development programs aim to create a holistic approach to youth well-being. We understand that simply providing information about healthy habits is not enough; we strive to make the learning experience engaging and exciting for young minds.
Through expertly crafted activities and curriculum, we tap into the innate curiosity and energy of youth, igniting their passion for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Who We Serve
Kids who are ready for an Adventure at school, church, daycare and at home

Training topics include
Bodies in Motion
Healthy Eating
Personal Development
Conflict Resolution

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Making Healthy Habits Fun and Automatic!

ReflexFit LEAN

Results-driven wellness solution to help students maintain great health, perform better in school, stay active, and improve discipline

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TCP Teen Coaching Program

Providing teens with the skills and support to succeed.

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Wellness Training

Experience dynamic presentations from expert public speakers that inform, transform, and motivate.

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Making Healthy Habits Fun and Automatic

Alisha Stevenson

Lifestyle Wellness Coach

Alisha served as a police officer for 13 years and overcame stage 3 colorectal cancer. She is now dedicated to helping others prevent and overcome health challenges through nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness coaching. Her passion is helping women and children determine their WHY while focusing on building wellness habits for success in all areas of their lives.

Our Coaches  

Chantia Miller

Personal Development

Chantia is an Iraq War Veteran and a Police Lieutenant. Her struggles with divorce and PTSD inspired her to champion the "Self-ish Sister" movement, encouraging women to take radical responsibility for their mental and emotional health to deepen and improve their relationship with their 'self' and others.

Evanda Steele

Lifestyle Wellness Coach

Coach Evanda is a Certified Financial Coach catering to growth and awareness on financial literacy. As a Financial Health Coach each individual will be learn the tools of budgeting without the guilt for debt freedom She practices fun in finance while helping you understand your Why! Her passion is to help, empower, and encourage the freedom of life.

Making Healthy Habits Fun and Automatic!

 My daughter ReflexFit Kids summer Camp she had fun while learning but also staying active and healthy. The kids were exposed to fun in their city and communities. They provided a family atmosphere and a flexibility that was greatly appreciated we will definitely be back! 

Kandice Roper-Issa

 I absolutely loved the wellness camp. My daughter leavened so much and had fun. After camp she was open to trying new fruits and veggies! As a nurse I know the importance of nutrition and I appreciate the help in making healthy habits for my daughter. 

Alexis Carter

 My twins absolutely loved the ReflexFit Kids Summer Camp. There had so much fun and learned a lot about nature, wellness, and even improved their reading. 

Carla Callaway

Making Healthy Habits Fun and Automatic!

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